Coronavirus update & Facebook launch

As we all know the current crisis is having a massive impact on all aspects of our lives. Some of our leaders and parents have vital roles to perform in providing essential services to help limit its impact and support those unfortunate enough to be directly affected.

All face to face scouting activities and events have been suspended until further notice. Scouting in Northumberland is attempting to deliver a limited programme of activities in order to help the young people keep working towards their top awards, in view of this as well as the school closures we are attempting to provide access to online learning materials.

This website does not have the flexibility or capacity to support the online learning materials suggested by Northumberland scouts. We have created CLOSED Facebook groups if you have a Facebook account please request to join the “Central Gosforth Beaver Scouts“, “Central Gosforth Cubs” or “Central Gosforth Scouts” (for both All Saints & Montagu troops. ) All groups are closed so only those who have been deemed as being suitable to join can and see the content, this is explained in the group rules. We have consulted other leaders across the district for guidance in setting the group up. Many other scout groups have Facebook pages, some open and some closed and use them to communicate with members, it allows the leaders to see evidence from young people when they complete any tasks that have been set. Please be patient as this is rolled out and new online material is added and please share this information with others who may not have seen it.

The Leadership team

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